Our Difference

Aquatots award winning programs have been developed with over 100 years experience behind them. We know what works and have created a porgram that is not only dveelopmentally appropriate but also fun and engaging. We pride ourselves on encouraging a life long love and respect of the water. The Aquatots program encompasses the physical and mental development advantages being in an aquatic program can bring for everyone involved. 

 💦 The Aquatots Aqua Bubba program is the first of it's kind in Australia. Developed in 2011, the aquatic development program is for babies from 6 weeks to 6 months of age. 

💦 We offer purpose built, clean and warm facilities. Our pools are private so there is no public allowed in the centres when the lessons are in progress creating a safer environment for the children to learn in and less distractions when attempting to learn these vital life saving skills.

💦 At Aquatots we care about your child's progression and understand that to make a good progression there needs to be consistency in instructors. Aquatots instructors are a team of dedicated, qualified and passionate people who also understand the need for consistency.

💦 We understand that the more water time a child can have the quickker their progression to becoming safer in and around an aquatic environment will be. With a roll over booking Aquatots covers the cost of your child's Progression Program which are run every holiday period. 

💦 To encourage maximising on weekly water time Aquatots offers use of our pools during public hours free of charge for swim school families

💦 Aquatots respects and understands that every child is an individual and they will be taught and treated as such when attending the program. This is why we teach all four strokes at once so that all children will have the chance to progress through the program program. 

💦 Aqua aerobic classes and adult swim classes are free of charge for parents of children attending the Aquatots program

💦 At Aquatots we treat our water for sensitive skin with a UV filtration system. Our filtration system and highly skilled water quality control team ensure that we have the cleanest water available for our children to learn in.