The benefits of baby swimming

The benefits of baby swim classes go well beyond teaching your baby a skill that may one day save their life.

Baby swim classes will build on your babies language skills. By using repetitive words and rhythm your baby will pick up on the words very quickly. 


During a swim class your baby will also be working on their emotional and social development. They will be watching others for reactions and attempting to react to these appropriately. A happy and enthusiastic instructor, parent or guardian will usually mean a happy baby in class. Praise during class for doing a great job will release dopamine into your babies brain giving them allowing them to develop a sense of achievement and moving forward with healthy brain development.


Babies will learn to follow instructions. With a structured activities for the babies to participate in and an instructor to follow your baby develops and early understanding of how to follow simple instructions.



The development of early movement and co-ordination is commonly seen in children that attend swim classes. By being allowed to move freely and encouraging your baby to make movement you are promoting brain connections. A babies brain requires movement to develop the connections that make the movements automatic and strong, in a swim class your baby is making many voluntary and involuntary movements. Babies will need to use both sides of the body doing opposite things at the same time. This transfers into building their co-ordination.


Bonding time is so present in swim classes between baby and parent or guardian. In the water we do not have the distractions of technology and your baby will get 100% of your attention. By having parents participate swim classes are a great way to help parents with their mental health. The class is a regular outing with a healthy activity that you and your baby can participate in. You will be in a class with parents and guardians going through a similar stage in life.

 so happy

Swimming is the only sport that gives an all over body work out which includes internal organs, muscles and brain. Sport releases endorphins making your baby feel happier. The exercise will also promote better sleep, a stronger body and mind. Having your child swim regularly will also help develop a strong immune system.  Healthy strong organs help ward off the nasty bugs or at the least help your baby beat the bugs off quicker.


Teaching your baby to swim form an early age will also mean that your baby will be safer in and around water (this should in no way release constant active supervision). Having a child that is comfortable in and around water opens up so many doors for families with an Australian life style.


Swimming lessons are creating Healthier, Stronger and Safer babies.