Moving Up a Class


Progressing to the next level of swimming can be an exciting time for children and parents. For some of the classes there are differences between what they have been doing and what they will be expected to do in the higher level.

It is important you talk to your child about what s going on and how well they are doing with their swimming, this means they will be moving into a higher level to learn new things. Explain to them that they are in the new level to learn new skills and are not expected to know how to do the skills straight away. The best thing about the Aquatots program is we touch on all strokes throughout the complete program which means that a strong foundation has already been put in to place to help children with the new expectations of the level.

Below are a few differences that you may come across from level to level or program to program.


Around the age of three your child will be assessed for their readiness to graduate into the Sea Horse program. To be ready your child needs to be happy to go with their instructor, follows simple instructions and can understand to wait for their turn.

Once they are ready to progress they will be placed in a transition class with their Jelly Fish instructor. This class does not require a parent or gaurdian in the water any longer but we do recommend you bring your swimmers just in case. Having your child attend their first Sea Horse classes with a familiar instructor will help your child with their transition into the Sea Horse program. Your child will spend a maximum of 3 lessons. If your child transitions well and is ready to move into a Sea Horse class this will be done. To transition well children need to be able to wait their turn, follow instructions and be comfortable to stay with the instructor in the assigned area.

We recommend that children view a class in progress to help with the transition.

  • Sea Horse classes do not require a parent/guardian in the water for the class. We do recommend you come prepared for the first couple of lessons ready to get in as parents are welcome to assist until your child is comfortable in the new class
  • The class size for the Sea Horse 1 & 2 classes are 3 kids to one instructor, Sea Horse 3 & 4 there are 4 kids per one instructor
  • Your child will receive a medal a certificate and an Aquatots cap for graduating
  • Swim caps must be worn in the Sea Horse program (and above)

moving up 


When children can swim freestyle and backstroke technically correct they will move into the Sharks program. We recommend children view a class in progress once they have graduated.

Some of the differences will be

  • The class is 45 minutes rather than 30. This is to have enough time to mastered the other 2 strokes and add distance with the ones they can swim technically correct in preperation for squad level swimming
  • The distances and length of the class may mean your child needs to build their swimming stamina to make the class easily, this will happen with practice and consistency in attendence

Sharks Backstroke 


Once children have completed all four strokes they will be ready for development squad. A training session is 1 hour duration and parents are allowed to drop children off and return to pick them up once they have finished training.  We recommend children view a training session before they decide if  they would like to join the squad program. If your child completes the Sharks level and does not want to move into squads they can cancel once they have graduated and any outstanding fees will be refunded to your account. For graduating children will receive an Aquatots medal stating they have completed the program!

  • Coaches are out of the water for these sessions
  • Children are expected to swim laps (to start with their stamina will need to build up)
  • No rash shirts or board shorts are to be warn for training sessions
  • Once your child has done a term of 1 session per week. If they would like to add another session they are welcome to (only 1 night session per child is allowed) Extra training sessions are at no extra cost however if your child holds a position and does not attend they will be removed from the session they do not attend.
  • If your child would like to compete we offer the Sea Dragon swim squad that attends carnivals. To join this squad please talk to your child’s coach

Coach Vaughan