Aquatots Sea Dragons

At Aquatots we recommend children continue their learn to swim progression until they are squad level swimming. This will mean that your child can save themselves in most situations in an aquatic environment and they are strong confident swimmers. By spending the many years getting to this level of swimming their muscle memory has used the movements enough and is able to retain the information. You will find if your child does finish their swimming at this level their ability to swim well will retain but their swimming stamina will start to regress.

Children starting under the age of 1 year in the Aquatots program with consistent attendance are ready for squad level swimming by around the age of 6 or 7 years (this is very young for squad level swimming). As with all things children will develop differently and some will be ready later and some will be ready earlier.

If your child has completed their learn to swim with Aquatots they are welcome to join our swim squads. Squads are run outside of lesson times until we gain a training pool. The team trains for 1 hour and we ask if children can please wear regular swim wear to their training sessions (no rash shirts or board shorts)

Children moving into squad level swimming will need to adjust and build their stamina. Technique is always touched on as children with good technique swim fast! The best thing about training in a 20-meter pool is the coach can ALWAYS correct which does not happen in a 50-meter pool. 

Transition Squads are for children 5-7years of age, Development Squads are for children fresh out of learn to swim that need to build their stamina and technique retention over distance, Comp Squad is for children who can hold correct technique for a 400 IM using correct turns and starts. Senior Squads are for children over the age of 12 years of age. All squads are set up to help children with racing technique and fitness.

The Aquatots Sea Dragons are kids that are part of our competing squad. If your child would like to give competitive swimming a go they are welcome to join in the development meets we attend outside of Aquatots. All children can attend a maximum of 3 development meets before they must join the Aquatots Sea Dragons to continue racing as part of the club (this is a requirement from swimming ACT) To join the Aquatots Sea Dragons please see our front desk team to gain more information.

If your child does not want to continue into the squad program don't get disheartened. You have done the best thing by your child getting them to a squad level swimming. Parenting win for safer swimmers!!