A successful first lesson

At Aquatots we understand that each child is different and will make their own learn to swim journey. To help them on their way we offer fun and engaging classes with qualified instructors and a program with proven results.

If your child is starting their learn to swim journey at the age of three years or older you must understand that an aquatic environment is going to be a scary, unfamiliar environment for them to start with. You will, in the beginning be handing them over to a stranger as this is what their instructor will be until they build a rapport so expect an adjustment period. The Aquatots team is trained to encourage children to swim in their own time and children are never forced to perform skills they are not ready for. Our gentle guiding method is very successful with chidlren starting their swim progression in the pre school program. By allowing your child to explore and encouraging them to progress through gentle guidance we end up with comfortable, confident swimmers.

With our small group classes children get the individual attention that they need. Below are a few tips on how you can make your child's first class a success:

  • Talk about the class with your child prior to their start date. If possible find out their instructors name so you can relay this information and create familiarity¬†
  • Wear your swimmers underneath but do not tell your child you have them (they may surprise you). If your child needs you in the water for the first few lessons to start their relationship with their instructor we welcome parents into the pre school classes
  • Be attentive of your child in the class but try not to hover if they are making progress towards getting in on their own
  • Turn up a bit before the class starts to be ready on time and not rushed. The more relaxed you can make the experience the more relaxed your child will be
  • Bring a familar toy from home they can show their instructor, this toy can be a water toy to take in the pool with them
  • Be sure to praise your child for their efforts after each class no matter how small the progression may seem to you

A great way to get a fast progression toward becoming comfortable in and around an aquatic environment is more swimming time during the week. If you have the chance, attend the pool outside of your child's lesson time to practice and have a bit of fun. Use of the pool during public hours for the immediate family to the child enrolled is free of charge.

If your child is starting in the under three program there are also some things you can do to try and help your little one have a successful first class. 

  • Be aware your child will pick up quickly on how you are feeling, ensure you are relaxed and in the right frame of mind to attend the class calmly
  • Smile often and praise your child for the efforts they are making, if you are having fun they will relax and have fun
  • Turn up with enough time for you to get changed and allow your child to take in the surroundings
  • Understand that your child may get tired quickly. Best to have a short happy lesson until your babies stamina builds up
  • A fed, alert baby will always be a little happier and more willing than one that is tired and hungry
  • Ensure you listen to your instructor, they are fully qualified and have years of experience with baby learn to swim classes
  • If this is your child's first time in the water or in classes, sometimes it is best to have the primary carer in the water for the first few lessons until your baby is settled and comfortable

Always understand that there is someone there to help. The amazing team at Aquatots have been chosen beacause they are the best of the best and are always willing to go the extra mile. If you are unsure please ask, if you need help please ask, or if you have any questions please feel free to ask. 

We look forward to making your child's time in and around the water a fun and enjoyable experience.