Week 9 term 4 2017

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WEEK 9 TERM 4 2017

Term 4 Week 9 starts Monday 4th  of December at all pools

Term 4 9th October-17th December

Term 1 2018 5th of February-15th of April

Holiday program week 1 18th-21st December

Holiday program week 2 15th -18th January

Holiday program week 3 22nd-25th January



Under water weeks continue this week. If you forgot your goggles last week and are in the baby program, please feel free to bring them this week so you can join your little one underwater, it truly is awesome to see them under there and will give you a better understanding of how they feel when they are under water.


Changes for term 1 2018 can be made from this week. Children currently swimming in the program and their siblings can book or change for term 1 but remain where they are for term 4.

Children who will need to move include

Kids going to Kindy need to move from the Sea Horse program to the school age programs

Babies turning 6 months or having a birthday before the 14th of February 2018

Children in the Mini Shark, Mini Dolphin or Transition squad who are turning 7 years before the 14th of February

Children in Dev or Comp Squads turning 12 years before the 14th of February

If your child is moving up a class they will need to change into the correct level for term 1 2018

PLEASE NOTE-Due to our Black Mountain pool taking children until the age of 7 the Sea Horse (pre school) and Dolphin (school age) programs are mixed together. If your child is going to kindy they will not need to move unless they have graduated skill wise.


If we are unable to find the position you require straight away please do not panic, there will be a lot of movement over the next couple of weeks and some class level changes where required and able. You are welcome to place your child’s name on our internal waitlist and we will contact you when the position becomes available. Please note the more options you can provide for your child’s class on this list the quicker the move will be.


This week instructor stockings will go up. These stockings are a place children can put their letters/gifts of thanks or Christmas wishes to their instructor.

This week we will also have our giving tree up. Aquatots aim this year is to raise money to pay for children that may not be able to afford swimming lessons to do so. Please feel free to place a gold coin in the tin below the tree and we will be passing this money onto a family that may need out help.


WEEKLY FOCUS- This week children will be using the skills they have learnt to cover more distance and touch on some skills from a higher level



Week 10 commences.


This week instructors of Sea Horse, Dolphin and Sharks classes will be handing out report cards. Please ensure you are at your child’s START point within the first 5 minutes of the class to receive feedback and a report from their instructor. If you miss week 10 or are not available for your child’s instructor to talk to your child’s report will be emailed to you.

Information on progression and how to read a report card will be in next weeks email.

Jelly Fish and Aqua Bubba classes will not be handed a report however if you would like a copy please see our front desk team and they can print one out for you.



The next instalment for all swim school families will be deducted on the 1st of January This amount will be $66.66 per child for families on monthly plans. This will be the second payment for term 1 2018. If you would like to only attend one term with Aquatots the cost of a one off term with is $250 and can be paid over the counter without signing up to a payment plan, to attend the following term we require payment by week 8 of the current term.

Please note that if the 1st fall on a non-bank day the funds will be deducted on the next available banking date.

There is a $2.75 decline bank fee for declined transactions


3rd child will be $63.33 by the month or $190 by the term

4th child will be $33.33 by the month or $95 by the term


PLEASE NOTE monthly plans are broken down over a 12 month period so payments will be due on the 1st of Jan and the 1st of Feb to complete payment for term 1 2018.


PAYMENT BREAK DOWN Families on by the term

All payments will be $200 per child

Term 1 1st Dec

Term 2 1st March

Term 3 1st June

Term 4 1st September

PAYMENT BREAK DOWN Families on by the month

All payments will be $66.66 per child

Term 1 1st Dec, 1st Jan & 1st Feb

Term 2 1st March, 1st April & 1st of May

Term 3 1st June, 1st July & 1st Aug

Term 4 1st September, 1st Oct & 1st Nov


Cancellation policy and form http://www.aquatots.com.au/cancellations/

If you wish to cancel for term 1 2018 please send your notification in by COB the 29th of Nov so I can place a stop on your payments before they are due to be deducted. If this does not occur cancellation notifications for term 1 are due by COB 17th of Dec to be eligible for a refund of fees paid on the 1st of Dec.