Week 2 term 2 2018

TERM 1 2018 WEEK 2

Holiday program week 1 18th Dec-21st Dec

Term 1 2018 2nd of February-15th of April

Holiday program 16th-19th of April

Term 2 2018 30th of April-8th of July



Week 2 commences on Friday the 9th of Feb. We have had a great start to the term with many children showing off their new skills learnt over the Summer break. It is so awesome to see the progress the children have made and hear about all of the fun holidays our swim school families went on. 

Adjusting back into swimming. With many children changing times/teachers/levels this term and many having a big break from structured lessons please give your child a chnace to settle back into the program. They will need a little bit of time to adjust to the whirlwind that is thhe start of the year. Babies may seem more distracted for their first lesson as there is so much going on again. Preschoolers may need time to settle back into not having so much freedom when swimming. School age children may be feeling a little tired and overwhelmed with the start of the year. If this is the case for you and your child, just relax, take it as it comes and expect about a 3 week adjustment. 

Now that things have settled down and we are over week 1 movement usually occurs in the program. If you are on the internal waitlist for a class and this class becomes available we will be texting you notification of the change. If you are happy where you are and no longer want to change classes please let us know asap so we can delete your waitlist entry. Waitlist entries will be valid for 3 months and then the option to extend or cancel the entry is given if the position has not come up. Please be aware when you only give 1 timeslot as your choice this may be a longer wait then a few different options.

We have unfortunately shut our doors to any new or returning school age children for term 1. This is so that current swimmers have options when they need to change classes.

NEW CLASSES-We have opened some new classes for Pre School and School age children on Saturday afternoons at Gold Creek. If you would like to move please contact the front office. There are also Monday and Wednesday 6.30am-7.30am Squads running at Forde.



 At Aquatots we encourage feedback. Our amazing supervising team (in the fluro orange shirts) are around the pool to help on deck. Please feel free to catch them if you have any questions or comments or just want a chat.

We also welcome correspondence via email (I am now up to date after the first week flood of emails) emails come straight to Alena enquiries@aquatots.com.au

We encourage positive and constructive feedback because this is the only way we can grow as a business and our team love to hear when they are doing a great job J



 Please ensure if your child is wearing an aqua nappy that it is snug fitting around the legs and the waist. Instructors will be doing a major check on aqua nappies this week.  A hot tip on making your aqua nappy last, do not place the nappy in the dryer. We have a fully stocked swim shop with a fresh shipment of aqua nappies that have just arrived if you need a new one.


WEEKLY FOCUS- Head position. Ensuring the children are swimming with the correct head position which in turn with right the body position in the water.



Week 3 commences on Friday the 16th of February

school carnivals start. Please see the scholl carnival article for tips



The next instalment for all swim school families will be deducted on the 1st of March This amount will be $66.66 per child for families on monthly plans or $200 per child for families on by the term plans. This will be payment for term 2 2018. If you would like to only attend one term with Aquatots the cost of a one off term with is $250 and can be paid over the counter without signing up to a payment plan, to attend the following term we require payment by week 8 of the current term.

Please note that if the 1st fall on a non-bank day the funds will be deducted on the next available banking date.

There is a $2.75 decline bank fee for declined transactions


3rd child will be $63.33 by the month or $190 by the term

4th child will be $33.33 by the month or $95 by the term


PLEASE NOTE monthly plans are broken down over a 12 month period so payments will be due on the 1st of Jan and the 1st of Feb to complete payment for term 1 2018.


PAYMENT BREAK DOWN Families on by the term

All payments will be $200 per child

Term 1 1st Dec

Term 2 1st March

Term 3 1st June

Term 4 1st September

PAYMENT BREAK DOWN Families on by the month

All payments will be $66.66 per child

Term 1 1st Dec, 1st Jan & 1st Feb

Term 2 1st March, 1st April & 1st of May

Term 3 1st June, 1st July & 1st Aug

Term 4 1st September, 1st Oct & 1st Nov


Cancellation policy and form http://www.aquatots.com.au/cancellations/

If you wish to cancel for term 2 2018 please send your notification in by COB the 1st of March so I can place a stop on your payments before they are due to be deducted for term 2 if you do not wish to pay the transfer fee of $5.

Cancellation notifications for term 2 are due by COB 15th of April to be eligible for a refund of fees paid for term 2.