Week 2 term 1 2019

Monday, 11 February 2019

WEEK 2 TERM 1 2019

Term 1 20194thFebruary-14thApril 2019

Holiday Program Week 115thApril-18thApril 2019

Term 2 201929thApril-7thJuly 2019

Holiday program week 18th-11thJuly

Holiday program week 215th-18thJuly

Term 3 201922ndJuly-29thSeptember

Holiday program1st-4thOctober

Term 4 201914thOctober-22ndDecember



Week 2 will commence on the 11/2.


Week 1 down and week 2 to commence today! A great start to the term.

Please remember Aquatots is a busy swim school. We are on a mission to reduce the drowning statistics by teaching babies and children to swim. When you attend your child’s lesson we need you to be aware that our centres especially in the Summer terms can get busy, we would love your help in making this work.

  1. Turn up to lessons with enough time to find a car park. Especially at Forde remember there are car parks at the school, out the back, near the shops and up the road. Lessons are only 30 minutes so there are always people coming and going.
  2. If you need to use the change rooms be courteous to other parents/children. Showers at the pools are for rinsing, if you need a complete shower do this in the comfort of your own home
  3. Once you have finished with a baby change table please ensure you move your stuff off the table to the next person can use the table
  4. Feedback and suggestions. We love your feedback and appreciate any suggestions to make your lessons/visits to Aquatots centres more enjoyable. Please feel free to email through at any time enquiries@aquatots.com.au


At our Forde pool we are EXCITED to announce our new pool is on track, with this pool will be more room for our wonderful swimmers. The new pool is 2 8 by 8mt attached pools. This is where our baby classes will be held. Beginner and intermediate classes will move into the middle pool which will give the higher levels space to spread out in our big pool. Along with the new space will be another set of change rooms for parents and children to access.



Aquatots is happy to announce our special needs program. This program is for children that are unable to learn or work in a small group situation and is subsidised by Aquatots. To join the subsidised program  ($200 p/t) a small group trial is required and entry into the program is at Aquatots discretion. Where possible we encourage inclusion.

If you would like to join the program but do not want to try a group class first your are welcome to pay for private classes ($500 p/t)



Are your children home schooled??? Want to come to lessons during a quieter part of the day?? WE have now opened classes during the middle of the day which is a quieter  period for families that are able to attend. These are REGULAR classes just run at a different time. If you would like to join these classes or know people that would please contact me enquiries@aquatots.com.auClasses will be run at our Forde centre



We understand for children to learn to swim they need to swim. Our unique teaching method enables your child to maximise on their swim time within their lesson to help with this. Keep in mind that 30/45 minutes per week is great, its better than no practice but in the big scheme of things it really is no enough to learn to swim quickly. We suggest to help your child progress with their swimming


  1. bring them to the pool to practice and play outside of their lesson time so they are getting more than one swim in per week
  2. book a 2ndlesson so they have two lessons per week
  3. ensure you take advantage of the holiday programs when on offer
  4. commit to a good attendance record at your child’s class

For children that do get stuck on a skill we have upgraded our monitoring system to a 30+ and 40+ lesson system. If your child has been stuck in the same level for an attendance of 30+ lessons we look at suggestions and method to help them get over the line. If they have been stuck in the level for 40+ attended classes we will offer a 2ndlesson per week free of charge to bump up their water time until they complete the required skill to progress.

If at any time you would like to talk about your child’s progress in their class please feel free to approach our wonderful team leaders (they are in the fluro orange shirts)

This new method will replace the old 3 and 4 term approach and gives more of a representation of your child’s progression in relation to their class attendance. 




Underwater Photos

Book your session NOW with the wonderful Sonja https://www.facebook.com/pg/sonphotosthatmoment/photos/

She will be shooting Sunday the 24/2




Week 3 will commence 18/2

Underwater photos 24/2

Coming up- Distance Day 3/3



The next instalment for all swim school families will be deducted on the 1stof March This amount will be $66.66 per child for families on monthly plans or $200 per child for families on by the term plans. This payment will be for or the start of term 2 2019 payments. 

If you would like to only attend one term with Aquatots the cost of a one off term with is $250 and can be paid over the counter without signing up to a payment plan, to attend the following term we require payment by week 8of the current term.

Please note that if the 1stfall on a non-bank day the funds will be deducted on the next available banking date.

There is a $2.75 decline bank fee for declined transactions


3rdchild will be $63.33 by the month or $190 by the term

4thchild will be $33.33 by the month or $100 by the term


PLEASE NOTE monthly plans are broken down over a 12 month period so payments will continue all year round. Payment schedule is different to term dates


PAYMENT BREAK DOWN Families on by the term 

All payments will be $200 per child

Term 1 1stDec 

Term 2 1stMarch

Term 3 1stJune

Term 4 1stSeptember

PAYMENT BREAK DOWN Families on by the month 

All payments will be $66.66 per child

Term 1 1stDec, 1stJan & 1stFeb 

Term 2 1stMarch, 1stApril & 1stof May

Term 3 1stJune, 1stJuly & 1stAug

Term 4 1stSeptember, 1stOct & 1stNov


Cancellation policy and form http://www.aquatots.com.au/cancellations/

If you wish to cancel for term 2 2019 please send your cancellation request by COB 14thApril 2019 to be eligible for a refund of fees paid for term 2. 

Term 3 cancellations are due by the 7thof July 2019.